Bloodwork: Not Just for Senior Pets! 

As we all know, dogs and cats don’t have the same life expectancy as their human friends. While 40-50 is the beginning of middle age in humans, it begins between 5 and 10 years for our pets. Senior pets, like senior people, need more medical care and attention than younger pets. Our veterinarians at BPAH, your neighborhood Richardson animal hospital, often recommend, at the minimum, bloodwork testing during their senior patients’ annual checkups. However, it is also important to have annual bloodwork testing done for our younger pets, too!

Why Should My Pet Have Annual Bloodwork?

Bloodwork tests give the excellent veterinarians at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital in Richardson vital information about your pet’s health. And, unfortunately, health concerns do not always wait until senior years to make an appearance. Plus, the early signs of disease are not always obvious, especially when our pets can’t tell us if something is wrong. Diagnosing and being able to treat and/or manage diseases early on can be lifesaving and keep your pet from unnecessary discomfort. By starting bloodwork testing in younger years, not only is a baseline established that can be compared to annually, but also any “abnormally normal” patterns in your individual pet can be determined and save unneeded concern later on.

Animal Hospital in Richardson Bloodwork

Other than annual visits, there are additional situations in which the veterinary doctors at BPAH, your neighborhood Richardson animal hospital, may recommend bloodwork testing, too:

  • Abnormal behavior; your pet just doesn’t seem quite right
  • Sickness or emergency situation so immediate decisions can be made to quickly help your pet
  • Pre-surgical (including dental cleanings) tests for determining the proper amount of anesthesia, and any potential risks from surgery
  • Prior to starting a new medication, and then monitoring the medication’s effects on your pet
  • Geriatric animals who need more frequent visits to an animal hospital for care
  • Monitoring a known condition for improvement or worsening

What Type of Bloodwork Tests?

The typical types of bloodwork veterinarians at BPAH, your neighborhood Richardson animal hospital, may recommend are:

  • CBC – a Complete Blood Count will show infections, anemia, inflammation and clotting
  • Blood Chemistry Panel Including Electrolytes – information liver, kidneys and pancreas, as well as body functions, blood sugar, and hydration
  • Thyroid Function – especially in older animals, as thyroid disease is common in later years.
  • Based on age, health and symptoms, any additional tests your veterinarian believes will benefit your pet’s care and treatment

The best result is “normal”, but if a concern is found, the expert veterinarians at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital, one of the top rated Richardson animal hospitals, will go over the results and any recommended treatment plans.

It’s always okay to ask the veterinarians at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital to explain the importance of bloodwork, and why a specific test may be recommended during your animal’s visit to the animal hospital in Richardson. Bloodwork testing is a useful and necessary tool for learning valuable information about your pet’s health, and you can trust that our veterinarians have the health and happiness of your beloved furry friend in mind.

Top-Rated Animal Hospital in Richardson

Is your pet due for an annual checkup and bloodwork testing? Contact the veterinarians at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital in Richardson to set up an annual exam for your furry four-legged family member. The hospital has a 5-star rating on Yelp, 4.7-star on Google and earned an AHAA Accreditation for meeting the highest standards in veterinary care. The experienced doctors and friendly staff at BPAH will treat your fur baby with expert medical care and the latest research. Call the office at 972-690-6900 to make an appointment today

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This information is not a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice. Prior to starting any new treatment or questions regarding an animal’s medical condition, always seek the advice of your veterinarian.


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