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Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital, conveniently located near Murphy, Texas, offers top-notch Richardson/Murphy pet boarding. When you need to board your pets, it is reassuring to know that your furry family members are not far away. Just a short drive from home, Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital can provide your pet with loving care while you are traveling, whether for a quick overnight visit or a longer stay. We treat all of our pet guests like family. You can trust that your pet is comfortable, safe and sound during their own little vacation with us.

Did you know that only about 10% of animal hospitals and pet boarding facilities receive an accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)? Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital is one of them! We have achieved what is widely considered the gold standard in the animal hospital industry.

Pet Boarding for Murphy Dogs

We have the right accommodation for all sizes of dogs, from the smallest puppy to the largest hound! We offer multiple sizes of cages equipped with towels and comfortable beds. We also have various sizes of runs for larger and more active dogs. You can also choose to board your pet in one of four luxurious suites with raised beds.

Murphy pet boarding

Your furry family member will enjoy exercise at least twice a day while staying with Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital for Murphy pet boarding. They will be fed twice a day with Purina EN dog food, a nutritious and well-formulated choice for minimal stomach upset. Or, you can choose to bring your dog’s favorite food and treats from home. Administering any routine medications is already included in your Murphy pet boarding fees.

Pet Boarding for Murphy Cats

Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital wants to minimize the stress your favorite feline may experience from being away from home. We take every precaution to ensure that your cat gets special treatment to feel comfortable, safe and secure.

Our cat boarding “cat condos” are separated from our dog boarding areas. It is the first step we take to make your cat feel welcome and safe. There are lake view and garden view options, designed to give your cat stimulation. They can spend their time lazing away in the sunshine, or explore the ledges and sights.

Soft towels and bedding are provided for extra comfort. Litter boxes are cleaned at least twice daily, and your cat will be fed twice a day. We feed our feline guests Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice Formula, but you can also choose to bring your cat’s food and treats from home, especially if they require a specialized diet. We will also administer any required routine medications, and there is no extra charge for this Murphy pet boarding service.

Murphy pet boarding, young persian seal colourpoint cat

Worry-Free Pet Boarding

Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital can offer your pet the best Richardson/Murphy pet boarding in the local Murphy, Texas area. Enjoy your vacation without worrying about your furry family member. We will treat them with care and compassion. Your pet will have a great time on their own little vacation with us. For more information about pet boarding for Murphy pets at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital, click here or call 972-690-6900.

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Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital serves the northeast Dallas suburban area. We provide the community with some of the best veterinarians in Richardson, Garland, Plano, Murphy, Wylie and Mesquite.

This information is not a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice. Prior to starting any new treatment or questions regarding an animal’s medical condition, always seek the advice of your veterinarian.




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