Helpful Links

Following are some of our favorite web sites related to veterinary medicine and pet healthcare. We hope you find them useful. Feel free to send us your favorite links as well. If we like them, we will add them to the list!

Hot Topics

  • Behavior problems — A terrific resource for advice on a variety of behavioral problems, including everything from feline house soiling to barking dogs, aggression and more.
  • Laser Therapy/K-Laser – explains the benefits of this non-invasive therapeutic tool in helping reduce pain and improving heal time on wounds buy increasing circulation and decreasing swelling.
  • Pet loss and bereavement — Source of support that features inspirational stories, grief counseling resources, a hotline number and other resources.
  • The Pet Loss Center the Pet Loss Center are here to guide you through you and your families grief journey as well as offer many options that you may want to consider to memorialize your beloved companion.
  • Rainbow Bridge — A terrific tribute to our lost family members.


  • Choosing a new puppy  — What to consider when you are thinking about getting a puppy.
  • Breeds of dogs — A reference guide to many breeds, including photos and descriptions.


Health Concerns

Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention and Control

  • Advantage Multi — Sponsored by Bayer Animal Health, makers of K9 Advantix for dogs, Advantage Multi prevents heartworms, kills fleas and treats and controls intestinal parasites in both dogs and cats.
  • Sentinel  — Sponsored by Virbac, the makers of Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum.  Sentinel controls and protects against heartworms, sterilized fleas and controls intestinal parasites in dogs.
  • Trifexis – Sponsored by Elanco, makers of Trifexis and Confortis.  Trifexis prevents heartworms, kills fleas and treats and controls intestinal parasites.
  • Heartgard Plus Sponsored by Merial, the makers of Heartgard, Frontline and Nexgard.  Heartgard prevents heartworms and treats and controls intestinal parasites.
  • Nexgard — Sponsored by Merial, the makers of Heartgard, Frontline and Nexgard.  Nexgard controls and kills fleas and ticks in dogs.

Rescue Groups and Shelters

Pet Food

Referral Specialty Hospitals

Training / Boarding

Pet Insurance