Laboratory, Radiology, Laser Therapy & Ultrasound

Veterinary Hospital Lab AreaLaboratory

Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital maintains a complete, in-house laboratory. When an ill pet comes to our office, we can run diagnostic tests and get answers—fast. For routine or more comprehensive tests, we use a cost-effective, high-quality outside laboratory.

Richardson Veterinary Hospital XrayRadiology

We have invested in a cutting-edge radiology unit capable of x-raying everything from a kitten’s toe to a Great Dane’s hip. All images are stored digitally in your pet’s medical file. That way, if outside consultation is required, we can quickly e-mail the x-rays to a specialist.



UltrasoundVeterinarian & Pet Boarding in Richardson

Ultrasound allows a real-time view of your pet’s internal organs. We perform abdominal ultrasounds to better assess the liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines and bladder, and to look for tumors.With cardiac ultrasounds, we can determine the extent of heart disease and myocardial function.




Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can treat a wide variety of ailments such as arthritis, soft tissue injuries, incision care, etc.  Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects.  These effects include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling.