Prescriptions for Richardson Veterinarians DogsPatients frequently ask if it matters where they fill their pets’ prescriptions. Our answer is a definite YES, because:

  • Some online pharmacies have questionable ethics.
  • Even a few of the top online pharmacies have been levied fines in several states.
  • Online pharmacies don’t always offer the best price.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers will only honor product guarantees for medications prescribed and purchased from the veterinarian. Web sites and mail-order catalogs do not qualify for those guarantees.

Let Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital save you money and time, while giving you peace of mind:

Existing hospital prescriptions

For existing hospital prescriptions, we are proud to offer 24/7 access to your pet’s latest medical records and prescriptions using our online portal and mobile app. By using the PetPage app or online portal, you can easily view upcoming procedures and services for your pet, manage appointments, and request prescription refills.

Access Pet Portal

Online prescription refills

For online prescription refills, we recommend Vets First Choice.

This is not a pharmacy. It is a distribution center that enables us to fill prescriptions. That way, all drug company guarantees remain valid.