Prescriptions for Richardson Veterinarians DogsPatients frequently ask if it matters where they fill their pets’ prescriptions. Our answer is a definite YES, because:

  • Some online pharmacies have questionable ethics.
  • Even a few of the top online pharmacies have been levied fines in several states.
  • Online pharmacies don’t always offer the best price.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers will only honor product guarantees for medications prescribed and purchased from the veterinarian. Web sites and mail-order catalogs do not qualify for those guarantees.

Let Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital save you money and time, while giving you peace of mind:

Existing hospital prescriptions

For existing hospital prescriptions, simply fill out this form (click here).

Online prescription refills

For online prescription refills, we recommend Vets First Choice.

This is not a pharmacy. It is a distribution center that enables us to fill prescriptions. That way, all drug company guarantees remain valid.