Surgery & Hospitalization ~ Veterinary Hospital

When your pet faces an acute situation, Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital provides the high-level care they need for surgery:

Veterinary Hospital Surgery

SURGICAL SUITE: Our surgical suite is fitted with the latest technologies. While the patient is under anesthesia, a nurse continually monitors them to ensure their health and comfort.

Veterinary Hospital Surgery

Our doctors can perform a wide range of soft tissue surgeries, including tumor removal, exploratory surgery and more. When needed, we refer our patients to specialists for orthopedic and other complex surgeries.

We take anesthesia and surgery very seriously. Unlike most veterinary hospitals, Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital assigns a nurse to each surgical patient to monitor vital signs. During the procedure, patients are administered fluids and needed drugs via an IV catheter. Before and after all procedures, pets receive pain medications to help them remain as comfortable as possible.


The intensive care unit in our veterinary hospital helps patients rest and recover from surgery, trauma and other acute situations. Patients are cared for with cage warmers, digital fluid pumps and lots of blankets. In case of communicable disease, an isolation ward is also available. If 24-hour care is needed, we team up with the MedVet of Richardson to ensure around-the-clock attention.

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