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When searching for Wylie veterinarians, you will find a lot of options. But if you want caring and compassionate care for your pet from the best local veterinarians near Wylie, look no further than Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital.

Your pet deserves the highest quality care available from Wylie veterinarians who use the latest techniques and technology. Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital provides the highest standard of care. Our veterinarians, veterinary assistants and support staff are unsurpassed in the Wylie area. They will treat your pet like one of their own.

Wylie veterinarians

AAHA-Approved Richardson/Wylie Veterinarians

As one of the few animal hospitals in the Wylie area approved by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital has achieved the highest level of excellence. We provide unmatched patient care for your furry family member, and are dedicated to keeping our patients happy and healthy.

Our local animal hospital is family owned and operated. Our experienced Richardson/Wylie veterinarians and staff offer friendly and caring veterinary services in our modern and immaculate facility. We know that your time is important, and we strive to keep our appointments current and on time.

Veterinary Services for Pets in Wylie

Our pet care services include:

  • Comprehensive preventative and wellness exams for pets of all ages
  • Heartworm, flea and tick medications
  • Microchipping of new adoptions
  • Dental Care for Wylie dogs
  • Vaccines and titers

On-Site Veterinary Lab

Not all Wylie veterinarians have an in-house laboratory. Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital is proud to provide one. Our lab technicians have advanced training in performing a wide array of tests. An in-house lab allows our veterinarians to provide accurate results and diagnoses more quickly. In emergency cases, instant lab access means that life-saving treatments can begin right away, and better improve the well-being and long-term prognosis for your pet.

Call 972-690-6900 to schedule an appointment with some of the best local Richardson/Wylie veterinarians.

Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital invests in the health our patients. We prioritize acquiring the most up-to-date equipment available for pet care. Not many Wylie veterinarians offer radiology, ultrasound and laser treatments to their patients, but our facility provides that and so much more. Also, we believe in continuing education and training in the latest techniques for all of our veterinarians, nurses, technicians and staff.  We dedicate ourselves to bringing the highest level of care to your pets.

Wylie veterinarians

Full Service Surgery Center for Your Pets

Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital. We offer a wide variety of routine and emergency surgical services, all provided by qualified and caring Richardson/Wylie veterinarians.

Pet surgeries include:

  • Exploratory surgery
  • Wound care
  • Soft tissue and tumor removal
  • Pet spaying and neutering

Our expert surgical teams will provide your pet with compassionate and individualized care from pre-op to post op. Their comfort is our top priority throughout the surgical process. Your pet will receive the appropriate medications, sedatives and fluids. A dedicated surgery nurse will closely monitor them and react to any concerns and needs. Also, your pet will recover in a warm, calm space complete with soft blankets and loving care.

Boarding for Wylie Pets

In addition to exceptional pet healthcare and veterinary services, Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital offers a safe and caring place to board your pets when you are away from home. Your pet will be exercised and given nutritious meals—or you can bring your own food from home. We’ll even administer prescription medications at no extra cost. Dogs and cats are boarded separately to ensure that your pet feels safe and secure—just like home. To learn more about our pet boarding services, click here.

Your pet deserves the best Wylie veterinarians! Contact our animal hospital to make an appointment or call 972-690-6900, and find about the top quality care and veterinary services at Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital.

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Breckinridge Park Animal Hospital serves the northeast Dallas suburban area. We provide the community with some of the best veterinarians in Richardson, Garland, Plano, Murphy, Wylie and Mesquite.

This information is not a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice. Prior to starting any new treatment or questions regarding an animal’s medical condition, always seek the advice of your veterinarian.


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